Daily Empowerment December 2022


The DECEMBER 2022 Energy Quality indicates that the latest revelations are just the beginning of a new reality. The polarities in our societies will continue to heat up, and show us how only a higher perspective and full understanding of the larger context can activate new hope for a better future. But, until our collective psyche is able to integrate conflicting inner and outer impulses, it can be quite confusing if we don't have the right support structure, which most don't have! It is not enough to know and blame the powers that have been influencing our experience in the past to initiate change! In order to find our path through this chaotic outer time, our inner roadmap needs to refined and authenticated.

In December, it is therefore of utmost importance to develop and cultivate a daily spiritual routine to find support through our inner connection first.  Once we can internalize what we couldn't see before, we can learn to counteract outer insecurities with inner clarity and peace through insight. 

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