22nd - 31st December 2019

Let's end the year with a new intention and working routine to succeed!

As an awakening soul, empath or energetically sensitive you have proven to yourself that you are not only interested but that it's instrumental to develop more energy awareness and learn tools that help you to discern truth. What is the practical value of better SEEING & DISCERNING TRUTH? 

Change is the art of challenging and disciplining your ego to stay in truth!

The practice of translating our deeper REALIZATIONS into a more fulfilling, peaceful and abundant daily reality is a hands-on skill that needs to be trained. If we never walk the talk we cannot prove to ourselves that we can indeed choose our reality. Our minds are filled with ideas, idealizations, and intentions while our body and emotions remain in the inertia of daily chores, habits and survival battle. This conflict within is what keeps us in a continual loop of inadequacy mixed with guilt and anger.

If you don't know how to challenge our ego into a more conscious reality, most of our manifestation attempts lead to frustration or anxiety.

As you know from regularly listening to my truth talks, updates, blogs, and transCODES events, I have dedicated my work to assisting people on their journey of becoming their TRUE SELF. There are many different programs I offer, but one of the most eye-opening and motivating programs is the 10 Day Challenge, originally developed for the Heart-Warrior BootCamp training.

What if you could learn the basic tools to overcome your inner and outer conflicts in just 30 conscious minutes of commitment to yourself a day?

Join this revolutionary program that can help you to unravel physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blindspots to find out what is truly holding you back and how to develop a strategy to effectively face your manifestation blocks!

10 Days, 30 Minutes A Day? All you need is a phone and a
skype app installed.

Give it try! Let's learn how to CHANGE, MOTIVATE AND SHARE together!

(Spaces are very limited.)

Form a New Daily Routine that works for you

During this 10 day event, I will send out daily videos to you with instructions and tasks. Your contribution is daily sharing and fulfilling the easy tasks for each day. You have 24 hours for each daily challenge (time zone vary). There is free energy coaching on skype for all 10 days.

10 min Physical Attention
10 min Education & Self-Reflection
10 min Meditation

plus submitting daily tasks.

If you can commit to be present for these 10 days send in your application. I will let everybody know 

Spaces for this free event are limited. Newbies preferred.

No prerequisites -  Must be willing to install free Skype App on Phone 

If you have questions, email me: jona@transcodes.com

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